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  1. I have no way to install updates.

    You must first ascertain the kind of system you have.
    If you have already paid for updates, I assume you are aware of what you have; otherwise, read this handbook.

    UPDATING PROCESS MAY APPEAR COMPLEX, BUT IT’S NOT THAT HARD! All of our manuals have been thoroughly written and include all pertinent information (and there is a lot of it! ), so if you follow our advice, nothing should go wrong. BUT YOU MUST UNDERSTAND & FOCUS ON ALL MOVIES AS YOU READ & WATCH THEM.

    99% of customer problems are caused by failure to read all instructions.


    I am referring to the fact that putting software files, map files, activation files, etc. on the same SD card may overwrite updates and prevent MMI from reading it.

    Diagrams on manual pages are also relevant to MMI systems; if you have MMI 3G Plus, look at MI 3G Plus key combinations; if you have MMI 3G Basic, look at 3G Basic key combinations; all of them have unique access keys for the engineering menu, green menu, and other MMI menus.

    You cannot put firmware, maps, or activation on only one SDCARD – it will not function that way! All updates must be installed separately!
    If you are updating your MMI in its entirety (firmware and maps), you should update the firmware before the maps.

    Now depends if your car it’s equipped with bose you need to have access to the hidden green menu – this method works only for MMI 3G units!!! how to do that:

    Enabling audi mmi hidden green menu – MMI 3G – script & VCDS

    for MMI 2G High, you will need to have VCDS:

    MMI 2G High – How to enable hidden green menu

    please remember after firmware installation you’ll need to re-enable access to the hidden green menu, as new firmware will wipe it off. You’ll also need hidden green menu to install maps update.

    After that you can proceed with firmware update in MMI 3G / Mib / RMC :

    How to install firmware update MMI 3G (click).

    For Mib2 units

    How to update Mib2 firmware

    For MMI 2G High:

    MMI 2G High – firmware update.

    After firmware installation you need to enable hidden green menu by using one of above methods, after that you can install maps update

    for Audi MMI Mib2:

    How to update Audi Mib2 maps – manual

    for MMI 3G High & Plus

    How to install maps update MMI 3G High & Plus.

    For MMI 3G Basic

    How to install maps update MMI 3G Basic.

    For MMI 2G High:

    MMI 2G High firmware / maps CD preparation manual.


  2. How can I tell what files are for which?

    You might not know what is what when you receive a bunch of download links in a bundle pack.
    The firmware is typically something along the lines of: HN+/HN+R/HNav/MHI2/MHIG.
    The numbers in map files are always 6.22.1, 6.32.1, and 5.31.2. (those numbers can be different for different year of maps update and system).
    However you’ll be able to recognize it in your downloads list because maps updates frequently grow in size, forcing us to divide them into numerous smaller pieces (thus the endings.002,.003, etc.). You only need to unpack the.001 file (do not touch the other numbers! 002-003-004-etc) After just.001 is unpacked, all other numbers will join automatically.

  3. How safe is the update?

    Every upgrade carries some risk, but we’ve made sure our tutorials are clear to prevent any user errors, so

  4. Are you fully accepting responsibility for any errors caused by updates?

    No. When you perform firmware or map updates on your own, we don’t accept any responsibility. Why? We don’t know precisely what you did, how you prepared SD CARDs, carried out the update, or what modifications you made in the green menu that is concealed from view.

    Several users have accused us of being to blame for their car’s engine not running properly after map upgrades.

    (It doesn’t matter that there are two entirely distinct control units.)

    The MMI module (5F) and the ECU are not the same.
    Hence, if you’re searching for free automobile service from us, look elsewhere.
    Only when we apply those upgrades in your MMI do we assume responsibility.

  5. How can I tell whether I have MMI?

    We have prepared very well described article about this. Please visit this link.

  6. MMI shows “No update device found”.

    no update device found

    Please return to the firmware or maps installation instructions if you see this screen. Any updates to the firmware or maps must be made using the engineering menu. You can find directions and a video on the instructional pages. If MMI is unable to locate an update, please check the tab above.

  7. What SDCARD should I use for software or map update?

    Not all SD CARDs can be used to install firmware, maps, or scripts.
    After extensive testing, we can suggest the following SD CARDs: 8/16/32/64 GB:
    – Kingstone canvas
    – Adata
    – Samsung EVO

    Although a large SD CARD is not necessary for firmware updates due to MMI limitations, we advise using at least 8GB.

    Maps updates require 32GB (USA/Canada/Mexico) or 64GB (Europe).
    A minimum 8GB SD CARD is required for the activation of maps and scripts (such as the green menu and error removals).

    You will need an external application to format the 64GB SD CARD into FAT32 in order to utilize it in the MMI 3G. (Learn more by clicking here).

  8. Medium is currently unavailable

    Medium is currently unavailable

    Quite likely, you have used SDCARDs larger than 32GB. SD cards larger than 32GB cannot be read by MMI for updates; they must also be formatted in FAT32!
    Moreover, it may indicate if you attempt to update from the incorrect MMI menu (on photo you see Setup MMI which is wrong position to perform the update)..
    Every upgrade must be carried out via the Engineering Menu; instructions on how to do so may be found in our tutorials.

    When some customers moved to a different adapter after noticing this issue in the Red Engineering menu while using a MicroSD card and SD CARD adapter, the error stopped occurring.
    Hence, please check that if you get this error when using the Red Engineering menu.

  9. Green menu won’t open after firmware update.

    Every firmware update will remove the ability to access the hidden green menu, thus you must re-enable it. How do I? browse this guide (click)