MMI 3G Modifying the MMI splash screen

I’ll demonstrate how to customize the MMI splash screen in this article. This technique functions with MMI 3G Basic, High, and Plus.

Everything you require

  • 8GB minimum on SD CARD.
  • Script.
  • Your own splash screen with a graphic editor.

For MMI 3G High and Plus, the required graphic resolution is 800x480px; for MMI 3G Basic, it is 400x240px.

Please unzip the files after downloading and place them in the root folder of your SD card.

List of script files
List of script files

Your custom splash screen needs to be on your SD card in the splashscreens folder.

Change splash screen - list of graphics
Change splash screen – list of graphics

This script will also create a backup of your current splash screens, which you can access in the backup folder on your SD CARD after installing a new one.

Splash screen script - automatic backup
Splash screen script – automatic backup

You can utilize several splashscreen examples I’ve attached by just copying and replacing them in the splashscreens folder.

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