MMI 3G Bluetooth and Aux streaming interface


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MMI 3G Bluetooth and Aux streaming interface

It’s time for Audi owners with MMI 3G now that we have a solution that enables them to stream music through USB, AUX, or Bluetooth while using MMI 2G navigation. In a word, the provided device will enable you to use MMI 3G navigation and BT and AUX to play music in your Audi.

Characteristics of the Audi MMI 3G
It appears that you have a 7 “color display from the outside (better resolution than MMI 2G High). Moreover, two memory card slots are a distinguishing feature of the MMI 3G. But, you must consider the software version in order to avoid relying just on what you can see from the outside. You press the buttons in the following manner: Read the versions by choosing “Version” from the “CAR -> SETUP / MENU” menu. They may resemble this:

  • BNav_XX_XXX_XXX (MMI 3G Basic/Low)
  • HNav_XX_XXXXX (which is MMI 3G High)

How to connect your Audi to Bluetooth

You can now connect the Bluetooth module in your Audi (A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5, Q7) since it has been determined that it is compatible with those models. You won’t find assembly instructions in the package because our module is primarily designed for B2B sales. There are no barriers if you want to connect this module in a private capacity. The instructions for installing the Bluetooth module in an Audi are provided.

MMI 3G Bluetooth installation diagram

Bluetooth in Audi MMI 3G

The moment has come to look at how to use the AUX and Bluetooth ports on the MMI 3G screen now that you have a module connected. As you are aware, the module is connected to the Audi system, allowing you to operate all the fundamental music playing features even from the steering wheel. The song title and other details should appear on the screen if you are streaming music in the right format.

How to use the Audi Bluetooth module

Simple switching between sources. You then select:

  • CONTENTS -> SOURCE (AUX and Bluetooh are displayed; AUX supports line input, BT wireless music transmission)
  • The Audi’s BT module will keep track of the last sound source, allowing you to play music from that source the following time.
  • Pairing password: AUX does not control extraneous devices. 1234
  • You must choose SETUP and then “Show track info” if you wish to see track information.
  • The Bluetooth module in an Audi will try to connect to the most recent paired device.
  • The MMI installation in an Audi can only support one additional device!

What’s in Box?

  • BT module.
  • Cable with RCA inputs.
  • Fibre optic.


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